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Idiot Quiz - Prove it If you are an Idiot and Win MateStop Idiot Award

March 1, 2013 by
Idiot Quiz - Prove it If you are an Idiot and Win MateStop Idiot Award
Some people are idiots, but some people just act like idiots. Are you an idiot? Can you pass the idiot quiz to prove you're not an idiot?
1. There are nine players on a baseball team, and their coach has a basket with nine baseballs in it. Can the coach give each player one of the baseballs and still leave one in the basket?
2. Correctly select the box that says,
3. What's the square root of 15,241,578,750,190,521?
4. How many idiots does it take to screw in a light bulb?
5. We want to know which gender has more idiots. What are you?
6. An electric train is headed south at 50kph and the wind is blowing west at 25kph. Which way does the smoke blow?
7. Are you an idiot?
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Sulaiman Jawaid
Adeesh on Top So far :D scored 29%
Ghanwa Hussaini
Yooo i won i failed so m a bigest idiot.... man it screwzz :p
Sulaiman Jawaid
ahahha Ghanno u filed to prove you are an idiot sorry no cookies for u babe
Sulaiman Jawaid
yo man the same way you screwed me yesterday Water Cooler gull hugya :D
M.Bilal Ashraf
and mee ???
Sulaiman Jawaid
wow so dar Bilal bhai is on top :D
Saqib Dk
wah wah bilal bhai kia bat hy apki...
M.Uzair Tahir (CyberBoss)
Quiz Results (100/100)
M.Bilal Ashraf
Saqib Dk
ahahahaah... kia bat hy apki 100/100
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