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its a quiz about karate

June 25, 2012 by
lets see Sulaiman Jawaid
1. who was the best karate master
2. who is the character in ninja gaiden
3. who is the eartrealm saver
4. who is the ice king
5. who is the netherrealm king
Saqib Dk
hahaha nice try
Saqib Dk
same here
Adeesh Qazi
yoooo 40 % i passed
Diamond Girl
Faree khan
mjy b ni ptta tukky
Mahatir Mohammad
i got 100%
Saqib Dk
lga lo humme ko knsa pta tha
Saqib Dk
Wah bhi kia bat hy apki ...
Sulaiman Jawaid
100% :D
Saqib Dk
wah bro
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