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Science Quiz About Animals

June 22, 2012 by
Its A Science Quiz About Animals
1. Which of the following animals is a marsupial?
2. Which of the following animals has compound eyes?
3. The female mosquito feeds on _______.
4. The lungs _______ when the diaphragm rises.
5. The salamander belongs to which of the following classes of vertebrates?
6. A home for ants is known as _______.
7. A home for fish is known as _______.
Kainat Malik
awww meine blood pa kiya tha click sap q hogaya
Innocent Esha
Kainat Malik
Innocent Esha
prince umrani
Kainat Malik
M.Bilal Ashraf
not bad
Ram Sha Siddikki
2 rong ho gae
mansoor alam
i knew the right answrs sirf isi lya ghalat kya kahin nazar na lag jay
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