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You! yes you.. i am talking to you ... you are the person who is staring this message because you are in Search so this message found you as a reader!
A Challenge for YOU ...:Reading till end may change your life
I never tried to type a long message or a status...but .this fingers are to be blamed...
At time when a dead person`s body was going in grave and after effects!
Daikhtay hi daikhtay matti main challay jana hai
khud what(Kia) amal kiya(done) hai aur dusaroon ko kis kaam lagaya hai...
ye hi hum say poocha jaana hai
Rubb ko munh dikhana hai ................. Rubb ko munh dikhana hai!
Time kum(less) hai ... khud bi samaj-na hai aur dusaroon ko bhi understand karwana hai...
Life is consist of just some moments ... soon we have to sleep in graves
it would be asked "What you did in life and what you Advised others to do"?
this is the question for which we have this life!
we have to answer ....
Surely we have no time , we have to understand now and make others understand too!
this is on you .... how ?
you hi btao ...sub ko samjao....share ker k apna farz nibhao!
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